Getting Started

Tableau Conference 2017 is just around the corner. To make sure you have the best experience possible, download the official conference app today. The Data17 app is your go-to guide for all things TC17—don’t leave home without it. To download, go to your app store and search for Tableau Conference or Data17.

Log in to the app using the email address you provided during registration and your registration confirmation number (dashes included). Once logged in, star your favorite sessions, pre-register for Hands-On Training, create your personal agenda, connect on social media, and more. Using the Data17 app will also provide us with valuable feedback needed to keep improving your experience.

This year, we've added a web version of the app. Pre-registration for Hands-On Training sessions is available on both platforms with your login credentials.

Download the app and log in today.

Need help logging in? We sent all registered attendees an email on September 13th with login details (the email address you used to register and your conference confirmation number with dashes as the password). Having trouble logging in? Contact us for help.

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Mobile App Training Video

Tableau Conference at your fingertips

Pre-Registration for Hands-On Training Sessions

As a Tableau Conference 2017 attendee, you have the opportunity to secure your spot in any of our Hands-On Training (HOT) sessions. Please note, seating is only reserved for Hands-On Training sessions, not for breakout sessions. If you "fave" a Hands-On Training session by tapping the star in the schedule view, a pop-up will appear to have you confirm that you would like to pre-register for it. "Faving" any other session simply adds that item to the "My Agenda" menu. All sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis except for Hands-On Training, Certification Exams and Training Workshops which you must pre-register for. To see all Hands-On Training sessions, use the filters to search by type.

Data17 Pre-Reg

How do I login?

To login to the mobile app or web app, use the email address provided for registration and registration confirmation number as the password. These can be found in your Registration Confirmation email or on the back of your conference badge when you arrive. If you have problems logging in or have questions about the mobile or web app please email us.

My Profile

On the My Profile menu, tap view profile then edit profile to enter your details and photo preferred user photo. Find notes, check your inbox, and adjust app settings in this section.

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What’s hot? On the Discover screen, find featured sessions and activities from mind-bending keynotes to hands in the air parties. From here, you can fave an item (tap the star) to your agenda or interests and view the detail page for more information about a session, speaker, or activity.

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Main Menu

The Main Menu is your home base. The universal search function lives at the top of the app on every screen—search by keyword or speaker name to find anything your data-loving heart desires (within the app): sessions, speakers, activities, sponsors, attendees, and more.

Data17 Pre-Reg


Every session is in the Schedule by day and time. Browse the punny titles and tap into the session for a detailed description. Pre-register for Hands-On Training sessions by tapping the star on the left (registration is required to secure a spot). HOT sessions can be spotted with the icon “register” or “almost full” to track capacity status. Favoriting either HOT or breakout sessions adds them to “My Agenda” for you to refer to during the event. Pro-tip: Session rooms will be added closer to the event date. Once the room is added, take it a step further by exporting the session to your personal calendar.
Brain already feeling full? Use the Filters to narrow your search and make sure to visit a Schedule Scout onsite. They’re available all week to help you build your agenda based on specific interests and skill levels.

Data17 Pre-Reg


Use the filters within the app to find the type of content that’s right for you. Select a day, then tap filter to see all filters available.

  • Timespan—slide the button on the scale for desired timeframe
  • Session Track (Developer, Tableau in Action, etc.)
  • Session Type (Hands-On Training, Breakout, Meetup, etc.)
  • Session Topic (Industry or Keyword)

View all filters and quantities applied in the view, and don’t forget to reset to clear.

Data17 Pre-Reg

Session Detail

On a Session Detail page, find the title, abstract, and speaker information, as well as the session location, content type, and skill level categories.

  • Fave the item or speaker from here by tapping the star (this will add the item to your "My Agenda" menu, where you can add it to your personal calendar—note that breakout session seats are NOT guaranteed
  • Pre-register for a spot in a Hands-On Training session by tapping the star and confirming registration
  • Take notes on sessions and speakers within the app and export them for later
  • Give us valuable feedback via session surveys

View all filters and quantities applied in the view, and don’t forget to reset to clear.

Data17 Pre-Reg

Pre-Registering for Hands-On Training Sessions

Secure your spot in a Hands-On Training session by tapping the fave star in the schedule view or session detail for a session that has a green "Register" or yellow “Almost Full” label. Sessions with red “Standby Only” are available for all HOT sessions on a first come, first serve basis. Only one HOT session registration is allowed per time slot. Once you have tapped the star, you'll be prompted to confirm your registration.

When can I pre-register?

As soon as you download the app or login to the web app, if space is available. If space is not available and the session is full, you will be directed to the standby line if you wish to try to attend.

What does pre-register mean?

If you're pre-registered for a session, your spot will be held in that session until five minutes before the listed start time. If you have not arrived by that time, your spot may be given away to an attendee in the standby line.

Can I pre-register more than once per time slot?

No, you're not able to pre-register for multiple Hands-On Training sessions in a given time slot, or any overlapping time slots.

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Speaker Detail

Someone special catch your eye? Drill down to the Speaker Detail page from any Session Detail page, or simply find them in the Speakers list from the Main Menu. If you come to this page first, you’ll see all the sessions the speaker will be presenting throughout conference.

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There’s a lot going on that isn’t technically a scheduled session. Activities include different styles of learning like Tableau Doctor, ways to dive deeper into new features with Tableau Labs, and more data adventures that are open throughout the busy week. Tap the star next to each of these to add them to the “My Interests” view.

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Event Info

What’s the Wi-Fi password? That answer and many other logistical pieces of the event can be found within the Event Info section. Also available here are links to Tableau social accounts, our FAQ, Tableau Conference Live registration, and more.

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The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is the hub of Tableau Conference 2017. Find your way around by using the Maps in the app. Looking for your favorite Tableau Partner? The Data Village map will guide you to all exhibiting sponsors and the Data Night Out map features all the exciting activities available for the party of the year. Tap “select” to see all available event maps including different floors of the Mandalay Bay space.

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Our sponsors bring Data Village to life. View the full list of sponsors and tap into them for details. Star the sponsors you want to visit, keep notes about who you meet, and store their contact information.

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