Don’t get us wrong—we love us some screen time. But Tableau Conference takes the whole cake because we’re just as geeked about connecting face-to-face. We’re talking tailored meetups intent on exploring your personal passion points, disco-ball dance offs with fellow data buffs, and much, much more. Peruse the full extent of our opportunities below—we can’t wait to meet you.

Welcome Reception

Monday, October 9 | 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM | Data Village

We’re kicking off TC17 with an atmosphere ripe for elbow-rubbing. Mingle among familiar faces and nab a few new friends. Data Village will be stocked with sponsors, partners, food, beverages, and our talented Tableau developers in a new and improved Tableau Labs. Chat up fellow attendees by visiting the networking industry areas in Data Village. Pick a Tableau playing card and play along to be entered to win VIP access at Data Night Out or a $200 voucher to the Tableau Store. Check out the Welcome Reception map in the app for industry networking locations.


Monday - Thursday

Amp up your inspiration, spearhead some communal enthusiasm or conjure some fresh motivation from your peers. Our meetups offer unique situations ideal for sharing collective experiences or diving deeper into the future of All Things Data. Featured gatherings include: Makeover Monday—aimed at inspiring new ways to tell a story with data, and Hackathon—where like-minded folks harness our platform APIs to automate, embed, integrate, and more.

Data Night Out

Wednesday, October 11 | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM |
South - L1 - Bayside E & F

Data Night Out is our chance to celebrate YOU—the bold-thinking brainiacs who’ve made Tableau what it is today (aka: awesome). Join us for tasty Vegas eats, delicious drinks, and the chance to get down to live performances by Empire of the Sun and Robert DeLong. Make the rounds through our old-school arcade setup, snap a few selfies atop our giant slide, and take on your TC pals via a bumper cars crash course.

Tableau Labs

Monday - Thursday

Explore and impact the future of Tableau. Tableau Labs is back with a vengeance to demo exciting features, share innovative ideas, and gather invaluable insights from you. Stop by Data Village and learn how to get involved during and after Tableau Conference.

  • Demos: Visit one of five themed areas to find out about our latest features, right from the brainiacs who built them. Walk up, try new features, and have a chat.
  • Lab activities: Get involved in lab activities to give us feedback on early concepts and prototypes, or share your personal experiences with Tableau products. Most sessions are by appointment.
  • Tableau Labs Theater: Delve into all things innovation via a research-rich mini session. The Research and Innovation talks address the inspirations behind Tableau’s top features, and intros exciting up-and-coming technologies.
Tableau Labs