Adam Savage

Co-Host & Executive Producer, MythBusters

Adam Savage is an internationally renowned television producer, host, and public speaker. He spent 6 years in theater and 10 years in commercial and film special effects working for clients such as Nike, Corning, Hershey's, and Coca-Cola, and films like Star Wars, the Matrix films, A.I., Space Cowboys, Terminator 3, and Galaxy Quest.

Adam has built everything from theater sets to miniature particle accelerators. From spaceships to animatronic arms. He's made Rube Goldberg machines, hand props and spacesuits. Adam's online videos have generated over 230 million page views. He's written for Popular Mechanics, the Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine, among others. His program, Mythbusters, produced 270 episodes that aired in over 100 countries for 14 years. Adam shares his builds, his love for movie props and costumes, and passion for the transformative power of making on his award winning website He lives in San Francisco with his wife Julia, his twin boys Thing1 and Thing2, and two amazing dogs.

MythBusters Accolades
Though Adam does not have a degree in engineering or science, he’s been made an honorary lifetime member of the National Science Teacher’s Association; an honorary member of Sigma Xi, and Dignitary Members of the Association of International Bomb Technicians and was presented with an honorary doctorate from the Universiteit Twente in the Netherlands for his role, along with Jamie Hyneman, in popularizing science and technology.

Adam's Sessions

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