Tableau Devs on Stage

Tableau Developers

Kent Marten
Product Manager, Maps and Spatial Analysis
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Twitter: @datakmart
Favorite hike:  Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park, Utah (don’t look down)
Favorite map projection: Strebe 1995 (it looks like a Batman logo)
Some of his favorite things: Playing, camping, reading, and laughing with his two kids
In his own words: I’m Kent. When I was a kid, I used to trace maps out of an old national geographic atlas, so I could learn all the countries of the world. Many years later, I turned out to be a Geographer.

Shahaf Nuriel
Software Engineer, Formatting
Origin: Tel Aviv, Israel
Twitter: @msshahaf
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Hazelnut
Favorite Season: Summer
Some random facts about her: She is a University of Washington grad and is left-handed. In her free time, she loves to read and find new books to read (her want-to-read list is always getting longer). In her non-free time, she loves to encourage others to use her color palette in Tableau—Nuriel Stone.

Rachel Boy
Software Engineer
Rachel is a software engineer on Tableau’s Dashboards team, where she spends her time bringing the newest, shiniest dashboarding features to the web. She changes hobbies too frequently to spend time on them in a bio, but she always loves reading fantasy and science fiction. Most importantly, her favorite color is green.

Marcelo Guerra Hahn
Engineering Manager, Test Pipeline
Origin: Montevideo, Uruguay
Twitter: @marceguerra. (Total tweets to date: 0)
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Line of Code: Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
Favorite Phrase: Make it so!
In his own words: I'm Marcelo. I have always been interested in computer programming. While my friends were playing Mario in their Nintendo, I'd program my own jumping square. At Tableau I help our developers write code faster. When not at Tableau I like travelling and watching movies.

Neelesh Kamkolkar
Product Manager, Data Management
Origin: Earth
Twitter: @neeleshkamkol
Favorite Movie: Run Lola Run
Favorite City : Jerusalem
Favorite Hike: Zanskar Valley, The Himalayas
In his own words: I am Neelesh. Ever since I was a kid, I always remember being helpful and extending a hand to anyone that needed my help. Now, I help people see and understand data. Some of you may recognize me as the Enterprise PM on SAML, Kerberos, TabJolt, and multiple server releases, that enabled everyone in the enterprise to have secure access to analytics. I am now excited to be working on the data part of our mission. When not working, I rock my senses into place via the rhythms of a Tabla or a hike up the mountains. This year, I am excited to be volunteering to teach computer science to high school kids in eastern Washington.

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